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Saba & No I.D. – Back In Office


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Saba & No I.D. – Back In Office

Enjoy this wonderful music named, Back In Office, performed by , The song is available on all streaming platforms.

The Talented musical sensation keeps delivering fantastic songs, showing his fans that he has what it takes to be at the top of his game. is one of the rising musicians who are now ruling the Music Industry. Another one that will soon dominate the music chart, and it won't be long before that happens.


Enjoy the tune as it is worth a space on your playlist, We expect more tracks from these sensational artist.

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Back in Office Lyrics
Young Sabastian back in office
Slipped out of the back in a flyin' saucer
“Cristela where we at?” declinin' offers
I hear niggas rap and can make salsa

[Verse 1]
Tomato, tomato, it's all sauce-less
This feel like Draino to y'all faucets
Superhero, this my negro solstice flow
They hear my shit, and then adopt it like a foster home
My granny workin' hard, the main person I call upon
Gold chain hang from my collarbone
I was the same guy in her college dorm
And I ain't never had a college dorm
Body like a bottle and that skin tone terracotta
I'm from Chicago, we invented mobsters
Some call me “saba”, others call me “saba
As long as it's love, it's not a problem
I fillet a voyeur like I'm Óscar de la Hoya
Fuck is y'all lookin' at?
Hot potato, oil, I can fry the game or boil
They like “Fuck is y'all cookin' crack?”
Got niggas askin' “Is it jazz? Or is it rap?”
I'm a bit imaginative, I'm where the ribbon at
In the sky I can write like Jack Kerouac
I can say anything, it don't even have to match
I can wear anything, it don't even have to match
When it comes to rap peers, I don't even have a match
Like a smoker lookin' for a light, patting they jacket flaps
Raised by the old schools, G-pa in a Cadillac

Young Sabastian back in office
Slipped out of the back in a flyin' saucer
“Cristela where we at?” declinin' offers
I hear niggas rap and can make-

[Verse 2]
This is for the amateurs, this is where the master rap
Some of them not amateurs, but next to me they sound like that
My city like Gotham, but no, I am not Ben Affleck
Turn your head into a fraction, yeah, they will take half of that
I am not a hunter, but I grew up in that habitat
Life a uphill battle, but for me was more a avalanche
Stackin' up the bread, now I need everything I haven't had
Milly after milly, they gon' hear me like I'm Bangladesh
Cole passed on this beat back in 2009
I was but a young lad waitin' to have my time
Knew that one day my story be celebrated
I guess I'm still waitin', so fuck it, I'ma take it
Love myself enough, I can dodge through the stunts
Actin' like a ruler, but can never measure up
Knew myself enough, I never questioned what I was
Manifested paradise and I was in the hood
Ten years plus now I been this good
Honey on me now, she heard about the buzz
Signs should say “Keep out”, the dawg's on the hunt
Label try reach out, that's every other month

Young Sabastian back in office
Slipped out of the back in a flyin' saucer
“Cristela where we at?” declinin' offers
I hear niggas rap, tell 'em “Take caution”

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